Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why there have been no blogs…..

You’ve heard the phrase “year-to-date”. Well how about the phrase “jam-to-date”?

This is why there have been no blogs:

From l to r: Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry and Blueberry jam

My number of "jams-to-date" this spring/summer is already at four! It’s just been one jam thing after another!

The fruits just keep rolling in! The harvest times seem to be one on top of the other with very little down time in between.

I’ve barely had time to enjoy toast and (my own) jam!

Toast with the latest creation, blueberry jam

The next thing on my radar is peaches and I’m hoping we have a couple weeks until they are ready (so I can blog a little). During that time I will post recipes and instructions for all the jams shown above. Although this may not help you with this year’s harvest, the recipes will be here for later.

Please be patient, stay tuned, and thanks for following along.

Take care,